The river Laune is very famous for the high numbers of sea trout, Brown Trout and salmon…

The river Laune is 14 miles long and it drains the lakes of Killarney into the sea. The best early season fishing is at the mouth of the lake. The remainder of the river is very good from early May. The biggest salmon 15lbs to 20 lbs aren’t caught before May. The fishing is good for the whole summer and a lot of big fish are caught on the fly in the month of September. Night fishing is particularly good for trout and is more productive than fishing by day which is good also.

The Flesk river flows from the Cork mountains into Lough Leane. It gets a good run of spring salmon in late May and the river has a large stock of both Brown Trout and Sea Trout. In rain, the Flesk raises very quickly and falls quickly as well. Depending on the high water there are many good fishing pools and 15lbs salmon are common. Often a big run of Trout come up from the lake and night fishing is particularly good during the summer months.

The river Maine and Little Maine and the Brown Flesk rivers are all connected and flow from Castleisland into the Castlemaine harbour. The Brown Flesk flows from Scartaglin and Farranfore. The Brown Flesk has 29 holding pools and is one of the best Salmon and Trout rivers in Kerry. It is famous for big 3lb to 4lb Sea Trout. The river Maine is best in low or medium waters for Sea Trout and brown Trout. The best fishing on the Little Maine is near the Riverside Inn in Currans. Plenty of places to fish with low water and open banks.

The Long Range river connects the upper and middle Lakes in Killarney. It has a large stock of Salmon which can weigh up to 20lbs. It has a great stock of Brown Trout and Ferrock Trout during the whole year. It also contains many eels. This river has great fishing night and day and the view from its banks are breathtaking. Very good for viewing wildlife. The best fishing on this river is Fly Fishing and my own flies are very successful bait for this river.

Our first Salmon Fishing Trip to Ireland will never be forgotten. Our instinct to ring Mick O’ Brien from Killarney Fishing Tours was fully justified. Mick is not only a ghillie, he instructs, he advises, he gives you a generous amount of his time, his expertise, his flies and his equipment and his knowledge is unbounded. His unerring good humour as you “tangle” with the three or four flies he makes you fish with, seems to make the whole exercise a joyous experience!
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