The three Killarney Lakes are the most beautiful lakes in the world…

Lough Leane is the lower lake and the largest of the three at 19 square kilometers or 4,700 acres. It is the largest body of fresh water in the region and it drains into the river Laune. It always has a large stock of multi-sized Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Perch and Eels, Tench, Char and fresh water herring. I use a variety of methods to fish this from Fly Fishing  to bubble and Fly, worms, spinning, and of course I trawl for Salmon and Trout in all parts of the lake.

I find the month of May ,especially late May best to trawl for Salmon and Brown Trout. Fishing on the pier near the Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is rewarding and relaxing and the best part is you can wear your shoes. I have caught up to 30 Trout and Perch on good evenings. I have caught Salmon here as well. It’s very relaxing when it gets dark and the lake is full of birds such as Mallard Ducks, Wideon Ducks, Pochard Ducks, Cormerants, Pigeons and Swans. And then the stag roars across the far side of the lake. Who could ask for anything more?

The middle lake or Muckross Lake has great fishing for Salmon and Brown Trout and is particularly good for Fly Fishing. A good catch can be had on the Muckross shore where I caught six Eels on one night recently. The wooded peninsula linking it to the lower lake has to be experienced to be appreciated and its beauty cannot be explained in words.

The Long Range river links Muckross Lake to the upper Lake which is circled by vegetation. It’s also a rich lake for Salmon, Brown Trout and Eels.

Lough Guitane is a beautiful lake and has a large stock of Salmon and Brown Trout and Eels also. Fly fishing on Lough Guitane is usually very productive. This Lake drains into the Flesk which in turn, flows into Lough Leane. I find it fascinating to see all the natural connections of these waters.

Caragh Lake gets a good run of Salmon and Grilse every year. The lake has a huge amount of wild Brown Trout and some Char. It also has great Sea Trout. This lake drains into the Sea.

I also fish Lough Currane in Waterville for Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Eels and Atlantic Salmon. This Lake drains into the Sea.

Lough Fada near Sneem is about 14 acres and it is stocked with Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.

Lough Barfinnihy at Molls Gap (35 acres) is also stocked with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Eels.

Lough Bofinne near Bantry is stocked with very Large Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. I have caught Rainbow Trout over 20lbs here with a Fly rod.

I can provide licences to all my fishing tours at cost price.

Our first Salmon Fishing Trip to Ireland will never be forgotten. Our instinct to ring Mick O’ Brien from Killarney Fishing Tours was fully justified. Mick is not only a ghillie, he instructs, he advises, he gives you a generous amount of his time, his expertise, his flies and his equipment and his knowledge is unbounded. His unerring good humour as you “tangle” with the three or four flies he makes you fish with, seems to make the whole exercise a joyous experience!
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