Angling is a method of fishing which gets its name from an angle or fishing hook…

At the start only a line or sometimes a light poll, was attached. Nowadays fishing rods are fitted with a-reel that has a mechanism for storing, retrieving, and playing out the fishing line. The hook is fitted with various types of bait and the type used depends on the weather conditions and the different kinds of fish that you wish to lure and the technique that is being deployed. Angling is a peaceful pastime that can be tranquil, competitive, challenging, fulfilling and quite addictive.

In olden times fishing was mainly for food but nowadays it usually for pleasure. It is a great way to get away from the pressures of everyday life. Fishing in The Killarney area and its surroundings is wild, mystical and remote. Despite being only a stones throw from a high level of luxury and infrastructure and extremely friendly local people. You can choose to keep the fish that you need and on a conservation and humanitarian level you can release them back into the water.

No trip to the Killarney area is complete without a fishing expedition!

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Our first Salmon Fishing Trip to Ireland will never be forgotten. Our instinct to ring Mick O’ Brien from Killarney Fishing Tours was fully justified. Mick is not only a ghillie, he instructs, he advises, he gives you a generous amount of his time, his expertise, his flies and his equipment and his knowledge is unbounded. His unerring good humour as you “tangle” with the three or four flies he makes you fish with, seems to make the whole exercise a joyous experience!
Elizabeth Harrington

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